Meerkat & The Value of ‘Slow Graphs’

Hunter Walk

Bootstrapping off another social network is “fast graph” -> you get quick set of connections but they aren’t specific to your use case

“Fast graph” also can lead to less commitment from users bec they put no time into actually permissioning, etc

“Slow graph” uses find friends, contact list, etc but makes user choose who to follow. Slower growth but a graph native to the service.

Snapchat is great example of Slow Graph. WhatsApp too. Meerkat can focus on Slow Graph — doesn’t mean slow growth, means native connections

Basically, w/o twitter, meerkat has smaller chance of going 10x in a week but IMO better chance of being 100x in a year.

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Meerkat Is The Livestreaming App Twitter Should Have Built


Everything’s more interesting if it’s happening right now. Jokes seem funnier when you hear them told in person. A dense political debate becomes captivating when watched live on TV. Real-time performances carry a peculiar vividness and urgency you can’t get from something that already happened, even if it was just minutes or even seconds ago.

Dick Costolo should know this well. Twitter’s CEO got his start doing improv comedy in front of a live audience. He’s helped his company achieve its potential as an up-to-the-minute news source. Yet it’s a tiny new startup called Meerkat that’s equipped Twitter with a truly real-time way to share.

Meerkat Video DOne

Meerkat is a live streaming video app that piggybacks on Twitter’s identity, distribution, and communication systems.

At any moment, you can start a broadcast of yourself on Meerkat, which trigger’s a tweet of the link to your stream and a notification to any of your…

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